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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A New Day Dawns for the NDP

Hello, Ms Brosseau, all you other honorable Members from NPD-Québec, welcome!
  This is our first orientation, so please sit up straight.
  You will come to understand that you were elected as a Member of Parliament, representing several thousand or hundred-thousand people. You'll be called upon to attend Parliament now and then, of course.
   [heads nod]
   Some of you will have seen Jack Layton on TV, speaking in the House and smiling when our members thump their desks. How many have seen that, put up your hands….
   Ok! It will be necessary for you to do more than just watch when the vote happens, and thump the desk when the Party Thumper begins thumping.
    [noise in the room]
    It will be necessary for you to rise in your chair when the vote is called. How many of you have seen that? Put up your hands…
    [silence in the room]
    There’s a bit more. For example, thousands of your electors will write emails to you with details of problems they're experiencing – there are hundreds of ministries, departments, and agencies. You'll be expected to answer the emails precisely. In your case, you may have to use one of the two official languages. How many of you can write in the Other Language? Put up your hands…
    You'll be expected to know about bills, their contents and controversies. You'll be asked to join committees and attend many events, not just in Ottawa......WHERE HAS EVERYONE GONE WE'RE NOT FINISHED YET?!!!

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